What is the name of the rap song with a girl moaning in the background?

Hey theres this one song that i heard too many times, but never got the name of it. Its this one rap song with a girl/woman in the background going, Mhhmmm…over and over like every 3 seconds…any thoughts?
Im sorry i left the question so open, i really dont remember anything else, the words or anything, it is a male rapist song, and in the background a girl just makes a light, "MMMMmmmm"…Im sorry :P
was on kiss fm 106.1….dunno if anyone happens to live in Seattle XD

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4 thoughts on “What is the name of the rap song with a girl moaning in the background?

  1. I thought all rap songs had women groaning and moaning in the background :\. You need to be more specific..Remember any other parts to the song other than Mhhmmmm? lol

  2. tear it up- young jezzy & lloyd
    one more drink- ludacris
    [the girl goes "mhmm" everytime he's about to say: "fuqkin' you"]

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